Monday, October 13, 2008

My favorite radio station

Do you guys have a favorite radio station? I'm not french, but I really like this french radio station wit fm at bordeaux, it features some great tunes, techno, dance, all the best current hits. I don't understand a word that those comentators are saying, but still it's good stuff *thubms up* I would love to hear which radio stations you guys love? Just leave comments in the comments section.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm easilly amused...

I am a girl fascinated by everything around me. I love to watch the rainfall and my cats hunt. I enjoy people watching and experimenting with new things. I'm a passionate, yet realist, environmentalist but my interest spanned quite a bit further. I love to experiment with cooking and different art forms. I value all living things, big or small.

I like making people think and when oher do the same for me. I'm a student at heart, craving to learn new things. I'm up for experiencing anything and everything that comes my way.

I've never quite fit into group because I'm a person who can't be labelled. And I love it!!!! I will never conform!!! So don't expect me to act like other girls.

I really like guys with a sense of humour who aren't afraid to think and act outside the box. When I first started writing this that was all I was looking for but I have since added to my list. Qualities I look for: motivated, non-materialistic, reliable, honest, can challenge me and is able to debate (or argue if you like) about anything (serious or silly!).

Other then that I'm a nut without a shell!!